The Man Behind

As a successful business owner in the textile apparel industry, owner Michael Bernstein decided to take on a new business to follow his personal passion in the restoration of classic vehicles. Black Lab was formed with the mission to restore our iconic automotive history by recuing classic cars destined for the junkyard and giving them a second life by creating high quality automotive furniture designs for the home, business and special events.

Michael’s vision is to search out vehicles and parts destined for the junkyard and re-purpose them into creative car designs and art. Each piece is custom made and constructed from original car parts and equipment. We want our customers to connect in a memorable way, giving you the opportunity to bring your classic car passion into your home or business to use as exciting, functioning furniture and art.

Black Lab’s talented team specializes in fabrication, construction, painting and automotive restoration that results in fine craftsmanship of vintage automobile masterpieces.